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Phrenos Center of Expertise has a good reputation for organising successful conferences. The conferences are aimed at the exchange, rendition and connection of (evidence-based) knowledge and opinions in the area of care provision for people with severe mental health problems, and the exchange of experiences with colleagues in or outside the Mental health Care Services. Besides one-off conferences, there is the annual Phrenos Psychosis conference, and the biennial Rehabilitation Conference.


Phrenos Center of Expertise offers courses which enable professionals to update their knowledge and skills. The courses are designed to reflect the relevant professional guidelines as closely as possible. Besides these courses, combined educational courses with implementation support are available. Several courses are offered in-company. Phrenos Center of Expertise also offers tailor-made courses.
Implementation support
Phrenos Center of Expertise offers tailor-made support for the implementation of a range of programmes, guidelines or methods:
• Individual Placement and Support (IPS)
• Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP)

Dutch Network for Early Psychosis

The multidisciplinary Dutch Network for Early Psychosis allows professionals who have an expertise in the area of early psychosis to share knowledge, encourage scientific research, and further the development of treatment programmes. Treatment teams can meet up and exchange experiences. The network is the engine behind the Early Psychosis Manual, the Early Psychosis Standard, the annual Masterclass, and the Networking conference.
Phrenos Center of Expertise plays an important part in the inventory, gathering, and dissemination of research knowledge for the treatment, recovery and rehabilitation of people with severe mental health problems. Furthermore, Phrenos Center of Expertise aims to be involved in setting up a multi-annual research or knowledge agenda for the aforementioned areas. The following services make a significant contribution hereto:
• Expert Committee Routine Outcome Monitoring (ROM) on severe mental health problems
• Group of reseachers working together on stigma and destigmatisation
• Quality Assessment of Regional Treatment System for Schizophrenia (QUARTS)


Phrenos Center of Expertise has a range of different platforms offering experience experts, family members, and professionals the opportunity to share knowledge and exchange experiences relating to the care of people with severe mental health problems:
• Individual Placement and Support (IPS)
• Family experience expertise
• Rehabilitation and the elderly
• (Flexible) Assertive Community Treatment (F-)ACT experience expertise


Phrenos Knowledge Center also collaborates with others on certain projects. For example we are collaborating on two projects: Innovations for cooperation of Mental Health Care Services and Sheltering Services for homeless people and the Breakthrough method in Early Psychosis, in which the standard for treating Early Psychosis is implemented in the Mental Health Care Services.
Phrenos had previously carried out the Building Blocks Project, and the LIVE Project.

Recovery Support Workshop

Since April 2012 the Recovery Support Workshop has been striving to obtain an answer to the question: how can our organisations offer recovery support, and what are the necessary requirements? The Workshop was set up so that the recovery and autonomy of mentally vulnerable people could become a reality by the year 2020.


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